How do I start?

If you want to watch a livestream from your club, then download our app and ask your club to send you the link to their game.

If you are a club or a team, find out how you can start to livestream.

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What does pay-per-view mean?

Pay-per-view means that a fan buys a single ticket payment to watch a specific game. The club can charge what they want, but the minimum pay per view cost is 29kr per view. The maximum is 99kr.

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What does pay-per-season mean?

Just like a fan for Liverpool or Man Utd will purchase a season-ticket, so can fans purchase JOYMO pay-per-season tickets. This means that they can watch any game they want for the team they are supporting. The viewer pays a season price (minimum 599kr, maximum 999kr) and they get access to all the games they want.

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How do we get JOYMO?

You can arrange your installation today on our enquiry page.

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What about GDPR and data control?

It is extremely important that every club follows the new EU GDPR regulations, with or without JOYMO. Filming, photographing, personal data… whatever it may be, the club needs to make sure that they are managing this information correctly. JOYMO can help you. We operate a complete closed, encrypted system that belongs to the club. Not even the JOYMO team can access and watch the live streams without being invited by the club. With JOYMO, the data and the value of that data belongs to the club.

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How do I make sure our club is GDPR compliant?

  1. Get control over the personal data. An important part of GDPR gives the consumer right to know how their personal data is being used and where it is stored – this is something you have to have an answer to. Therefore, you should make an overview of the club’s systems and databases.

  2. Update the privacy policy. There’s a lot of privacy policy with very advanced language and difficult words. The new regulation wants to change this. Therefore, you need to update the privacy policy with right information on how you use personal data and make it understandable for everyone.

  3. Give one of the employees the responsibility and make him/her a privacy policy responsible. A dedicated person who will make sure that all personal data is secured and that the club follows the law regarding this.

  4. Provide for active consent. One of the things that are crystal clear in GDPR is that the customer should be able to give active consent to marketing. This means that you should be able to say yes or no to marketing. It is no longer possible to bake the customers’ acceptance into the terms and automatically add them to the mailing list when they press the “register” button.

  5. Allow club members to opt out of the promotion. Another important part of GDPR is the right to be forgotten. If you send out newsletters or other content to members, you have to make sure that you easily can unsubscribe and stop this any time.

  6. Inform everyone in the club about GDPR, and any changes that’s being made. There’s a big likelihood that you have made changes on how you as a club uses personal data. Inform customers about the actions you do, and you will win trust and show that you take privacy policy seriously.

  7. Children that are going to be photographed, filmed (either livestreaming or for video analysis) need to have given their consent. For children, you need to ask the parents. Just like when a child starts in school and the school ask if it is ok for them to be filmed. Every club in Norway should be doing this as recommended by Norges Idrettsforbund. For youth (over 15) and adults, they also need to give consent.

  8. If you are a coach from the opposition, and agree to your team being filmed, it is important that you understand that you have the responsibility to inform the players being filmed and obtain their permission. If you are a club that has already obtained the permission from parents/players, then you do not need to reobtain permission.

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Let's get technical

You can read more about JOYMO’s specifications on our Products page. If you are interested in how the whole publishing system works, you can read more on our How To page.

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